The furniture is made by experienced craftsmen at our workshop in Grythyttan, Sweden, using strong, high quality steel and wood.

Our frames

Powder coated frames are produced using an environmentally friendly three-step process in which results provide good UV-resistance and long durability. Maintenance is only required in cases of damage or when paint has been scraped away.

Hot-galvanised frames are very rust resistant and withstand all weather conditions. The only maintenance needed is cleaning. Nicks and scrapes mend themselves because the galvanizing currents allow the zinc to cover the damage. Hot-galvanising results in a surface that can vary in colour and lustre. These variations even out by themselves over time.

Our wooden parts

Teak is an easily maintained hardwood that requires relatively little maintenance. When you purchase our furniture the wood is in its natural state and will turn to a beautiful silver-grey colour over time. All that is needed is cleaning. Scrub with soft soap or washing up liquid. You can also sand the surface with fine sandpaper if so required. Apply teak oil if you prefer to retain the brown tone.

White painted oak. Our white furniture is made of oak, coated with a paint that withstands all weathers and will keep in good condition provided you keep it clean. Nicks and scratches should be painted over to ward off damp. The better you take care of your new furniture, the longer it will last.

Oiled oak. Furniture in oiled oak is surface treated with a quality oil from the factory. Depending on where you live, maintenance requirements vary according to degrees of exposure to sun, water and other kinds of wear and tear. When you oil your oak furniture it is important to wash surfaces beforehand. Use soft soap or washing up liquid. If the furniture has been attacked by algae or mould it might need to be treated with an anti-mould agent or similar in order to remove any discolouration.

Pine. Only the best stocks of pine are used, providing first-class joinery wood. The wood is specially sawn to obtain vertical annual rings for maximum stability and a more durable surface, perfect for furniture making. Our pine is oil glazed with a light amber tone for a beautiful finish. Maintenance is the same as for oiled oak.